We Ensure Professional Insurance Services

Fleet Insurance

With our fleet insurance, you can protect your company’s vehicles and ensure that your business is able to operate smoothly and without interruption in the event of an unexpected loss.

Taxi Insurance

With our taxi insurance, you can protect your vehicle against potential financial losses and ensure that your drivers and passengers are covered in the event of an accident or    incident.

Courier Insurance

Specifically designed for courier and
delivery businesses, this policy provides coverage for a range of risks associated
with the transportation of goods and  packages.    

Motor Trade Insurance

Our Motor Trade Insurance varies from stand alone road risk policy or a combined policy.

Self Drive Hire Insurance

 Insurance policy designed for businesses that offer rental vehicles to customers

Landlords Insurance

We cover all tenant types such as working, DSS, Asylum, HMO, students.

Van Insurance

A policy to protect van owners and their vehicles against potential financial losses.

Credit Hire Insurance

Also known as courtesy car cover, insure vehicles to be hired out on a ‘credit’ basis to the non-fault party in the event of an accident.

Liability Insurance

We can provide cover for public, employers and property owners liability.

Business Insurance

We offer comprehensive business insurance solutions to help protect your business from financial losses.

Temp Car Insurance

Reys provides flexible and affordable temporary car insurance solutions for drivers who need insurance coverage for a short period.

Impound Vehicle Insurance

A policy we offer that provides coverage for vehicles that have been impounded by the government or law enforcement agencies.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

A type of insurance that protects professionals from financial losses that may arise from errors, omissions or negligence in their professional services.

Motor Insurance

Insurance policy that provides financial protection against damage or loss of a vehicle due to accidents, theft, or other unforeseen events.

Home Insurance

Offers financial protection to homeowners against damages or losses to their property and belongings caused by covered perils such as fire, theft, or natural disasters.


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